Collection of Ghostscript Sources and Patches

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Ghostscript is an interpreter of PostScript. Ghostscript receives a PostScript file and can send it to a monitor (X screen), a printer, or a file with another format (PDF). Detailed documents are found in the web site, for example:

It might be excellent for Latin (under alphabetic writing system), but it is not good for CJK (under kanji writing system). Until now (May 2009), Ghostscript 7.07 (released in May 2003) with an additional gs-cjk product is better than current Ghostscript 8 series. However, sources with similar names but with different licenses are scattered and the patches are placed at different places. We prepared a source tar-ball of the necessary sources, patches, and sample script to create a well-defined install package easily (see ptetex-ghostscript-*-src.tar.bz2 under here). Depending on your environment, please add your customization.


Some Well-Defined Packages Already Released

Japanese TeX Environment for Cygwin (ptetexwin) > CJK Ghostscript